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Axel the penguin charges headfirst into the journey of a lifetime in this 8-Bit action and puzzle platform. Unlock doors to strange new worlds as you guide Axel through mazes, defeat fiendish foes, rescue his girlfriend and finally get back home in this Sega Mastersystem inspired adventure! Can you survive? Only time will tell!

Inspired by classic Sega Mastersystem titles, Axel the penguin has been built from the ground up as a tribute to the 1980's Nintendo rival console. Using the same 16 colour Mastersystem pallet to create the spritework and an original soundtrack of catchy tunes, the game features traditional platforming and puzzle solving with a twist.

Axel can spit deadly bubbles that can break open crates to reveal hidden treasures and knock enemies off of platforms. Be careful, however, as if you run out of water you run out of bubbles! Only a quick swim or eating delicious sushi can refill you water meter. Find the key to unlock the exit and proceed through bright gardens, dark caves, deep space and Egyptian tombs!

  • True retro graphics: Every tree, spike and coin was created from a single 16 colour pallet to recreate that late 80's feel.
  • Beeps and Boops: An original soundtrack of simple yet catchy music and colourful sound effects accompany Axel as he waddles through danger.
  • Classic game-play: Springs, platforms, spikes, teleporters, snails... Behind every door is a new challenge. The classic platform with a few modern twists.
  • Hidden secrets: Surprises around every corner as Axel discovers hidden levels, community made tiles, jokes and 3 different endings!
  • Integrated Steam achievements, trading cards and community competitions!
  • Levels, levels, levels: Finished the main game? Get ready to pull your hair out! Try the growing collection of the hardest worlds ever devised!

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